Feature Photography

Wow! This assignment really made me understand how much I prefer to shoot for myself, my friends and my own tastes. I really give photojournalists a lot of credit, its probably hard to take photos and then go talk with them to get all of their information to properly attribute them. Especially when camera-shy people … More Feature Photography

After Two Days: IIHF Women’s Worlds 2017

After a 14 day boycott, players on the United States women’s hockey team settled with USA Hockey just days before the IIHF Women’s World Championships were set to begin. The exact terms unknown but better pay, training support and improvements in marketing were included in the settlement. Kicking off with a noon game pitting the … More After Two Days: IIHF Women’s Worlds 2017

Howdy… Partner?

There is a meme floating around on the internet that questions why queer people call their significant other ‘partner’ because you’re “not doing science projects.” The meme itself is kind of funny, the accompanying gif is of science power couple Cosima Neihaus and Delphine Cormier from BBC’s Orphan Black, a science fiction drama about clones. … More Howdy… Partner?

Broken Wings

As a hockey fan and Michigan native who is not a Red Wings fan, seeing the sudden downfall of a great team is disheartening. Proclaimed as “Hockeytown”, the Detroit Red Wings have amassed a fan base of great pride and dedication and notoriety for great success. Last year the organization saw the third longest consecutive … More Broken Wings