Feature Photography

Wow! This assignment really made me understand how much I prefer to shoot for myself, my friends and my own tastes.

I really give photojournalists a lot of credit, its probably hard to take photos and then go talk with them to get all of their information to properly attribute them. Especially when camera-shy people — like myself — run or freak out when a camera points their way.

Trying to get this specific task handled was really nerve wracking for me for some reason, I’m a pretty talkative person and can usually handle getting quotes and names from people. I feel like my artsy side took over, because I just wanted to go for that really angled and bright look that I always go for when shooting nature or architecture — such as these pretty shots below.

I think I restricted myself in how to get the shot and assignment done and therefore felt the pressure to do it.

The best advice that was given to me, and I will forever pass along, is to just have fun with it. So whether you’re a budding journalist, photojournalist, videographer/photographer — please remember to have fun while you’re out there. Stay safe, but enjoy it.



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