Sports Photography, a tricky business

Play on! Unfortunately springtime in Michigan also comes with a healthy dose of rain, sleet, snow and cold temperatures. Wayne State Baseball took on Urbana University, in a non-conference game.

After making it to the fifth inning, the weather conditions finally took their toll and the game was halted. The Warrior squad had made it an 8-1 game prior to the stoppage and there is talk of returning to Urbana, Ohio to finish the game.

The tricky thing about shooting sports is trying to get the action, without getting in the action. Baseball is one of those sports that is played in a fenced in arena and to achieve the angle or shot you’d ideally want is difficult. I feel like, despite the inclement weather and fence, I was able to get some cool shots.

Wayne State was at bat in the bottom of the second inning and Urbana’s pitcher (No. 20 Will Keller) was struggling to strike players out, so Urbana’s head coach Jake Oester, headed out to the mound to talk to him. Having that meeting captured in the rain is a unique perspective. Urbana’s catcher, No. 13 Tanner Davis swinging at a low ball and the odd low-five between WSU No. 24 Josh Blaszczak and No. 8 Tristen Jorah was pretty cool. Also seeing Wayne State’s no. 20, JT Conti barreling into home was an incredible sight, his focus and determination can be seen on his face.

Having worked in the sports industry for most of my adult life, I know how celebrated sports is and how difficult the days can be. I’ve done video for hockey games, and producing video for sports is easier than trying to get still shots. The fluidity of the game is hard to capture in a single photo, I applaud those sports photojournalists that can accurately portray that motion.

The rain deterred fans from staying out and watching the game, but I really enjoyed shooting the game before it was given a rain delay. It was definitely an interesting and informative experience!


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